Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is What Mommy Blogs are Good For

When you have something wonderful to celebrate and you're the only adult in the house and it's still too early for it to be light outside, let alone to call a friend:

Milo just said, "B is for Book." I've been working on B is for Bunny, and B is for Baby, but we haven't done B is for Book. Unless he learned that phrase from my niece -- who is apparently related to me because she teaches language skills as continuously and with as much enthusiasm as I do -- he has made the letter-sound connection!! Pointing to the letters on the keyboard, he says, "B, buh buh buh, B says buh, B is for Book." You know it!!

Now he's saying, "don't touch my letters," which I think means that I should stop typing for a while and celebrate. How should we celebrate? Clearly, we should read some Books.

I'm glad I had a mommy blog today so I could share that with you. To be filed under "things I will miss."

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